Sunday, July 21, 2013

So warm deep down, with you

I’m so lucky to make My way, guiding the submissive, soothing the soft underbelly of men.

And how have you been, My sweet sweet one…

What is Mistress mulling over tonight? Strapon porn. Of course.

Ah, the hunt for erotica with a hung hottie and a bent over boy, ready to drive her intention, right down deep in the bulls eye. What intrigues Me, which is a rare thing to find, is FemDomme pornography, from a woman’s perspective (as 90% of porn is made by men, for men) with men that are actually attractive. Don’t get Me going on how RARE it is to find GOOD FemDomme strapon porn. I can only think of 1 or maybe 2, that worked for Me. Where both fuckers (or more!) were arousing, and knew what they were doing. Where they loved each other, wanted each other, beyond the film and scene. Although, I’m betting of the two of us, *you* might spend a little more time, hunting for juicy bits of pornographic vids, the ones that make your male member stiff in its upright and locked position!

Perhaps we can use it as a flotation device later….


That reminds Me, it’s been far too long since I’ve flown much of anywhere. Back in My Fortune 100 working world days, I had to fly for work sometimes, using this big brain of mine to set up networks, install software, upgrade hardware (oh, just a CPU or memory stick will do). At that time I was younger, a little naive I think.

This was before I spent a few years, talking to men on the phone, like you. How many business men are in their motels, away from their home life, staying someplace strange, and aching to bite into their forbidden lusts... It nearly feels like an affair when we’re on the phone, well, other than it’s *you* who’ve usually made the commitments you graze up against.

Filthy business, that mind of yours. We walk down that path together, when you’re brave, and you ring Me. And tonight, I linger, wondering if the man I need right now on the line, is you.